Dr. Shiva Raj Pandit

Member Out of Valley

NAME                                    : Shiva Raj Pandit   (Ph.D.)                                                                                    

DATE OF BIRTH                   :  7 February 1969

SEX                                      :   MALE

NATIONALITY                      :  NEPALI

PERMANENT ADDRESS    :  Pyuthan Municipality-8
Bagdula, Pyuthan
Phone: 086-410043 (Res)

JOB                                      :  Law practiced . and Lecturer at Sworgadwari Multiple Campus, Pyuthan

EDUCATION                        : MA,M.Ed.BL,Ph.D.


OTHER JOB ENGAGEMENT   :  law practice in District court Pyuthan and High court, Tulsipur .


Mobile: 9847821363
E-mail- srajpandit@yahoo.com

LANGUAGE                            :  NEPALI, ENGLISH and HINDI




– Law Practice at District and High court Nepal since 1995 to till now .

– Lecturer at Sworgadwari Multiple Campus,Pyuthan, since 2000 AD to till now ( 19 Years) .

  1. Ph D  in Political science entitle – People’s Liberation Army in Political Transformation : Nepalese Prospective of Conflict Transformation, 2016
  2. M A in Political Science (Central Campus) . T.U. 1997. (Thesis entitle:  Role of opposition Party (CPN UML) during the period of 2048-051 BS
  3. M.Ed. in Education Planning and Management (EPM) from Mahendra Ratna Campus, Tahachal TU KTM  (Thesis entitle :  Conflict Management on School Management Committee in Community School, 2007
  4. Bachelor in Law (BL) from  Nepal Law campus KTM (TU) Nepal, 1995.
  5. Bachelor in Education (B Ed) Population Studies  from Balkumari College, Chitwan  (TU) Narayangad 2002
  6. Proficiency Certificate Level in Law from Mahendra Multiple Campus Nepalganj 1988
  7. School Leaving Certificate (SLC) from Janta Secondary School Bagdula Pyuthan ( SLC Board Nepal) 1986


  • Training on Continuing legal education programme for young lawyers on constitutional litigation, organized by Nepal Bar Association collaboration with Canadian Bar Association, August 22-25, 2008 .
  • Training on Conflict Mitigation Programme organized by Nepal Bar Association 11 th September 2009.
  • Training on  Planning Monitoring and Evaluation, organized by INSEC, Nepalganj. 2005
  • Training on Journalism and Human Rights, Organized by Nepal Press Institute Regional Communication Resources Centre Nepalganj, ( 6 days) 2059 Shrawan 26-31 Pyuthan .
  • Office Package of Computer Training, 6months from Paramount Computer Training Institute,
    Kalimati, Ktm,2001 .


  • Participation and presentation of symposium in  International Conference, 2018 organized by Dong A University, Vietnam.
  • Resource person oF DDC Pyuthan for VDC Level Planning, Budgeting and Implementation, Right base Training programme  Fiscal Yr 067 ⁄ 068 and 068⁄069 ( LGCDP and Nepal Govt. programme )
  •  Resource Person of District Hospital Pyuthan on Gender and Adolescence base Training programme FY 2066⁄067,067⁄068 and  068⁄069 ( funded by UNFPA and Nepal Govt.)
  • Resource person oF Women and  Child district Office  Pyuthan on Gender and Adolescence base Training programme FY 2066⁄067,067⁄068 and  068⁄069 ( funded by UNFPA )
  • Involvement as a Resource Person on (2 packages) trainings ‘Management of Water Supply Schemes’ for Water Users Committee (UC) members conducted by Community Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Pyuthan district ( ADB and Nepal Govt.)
  • Facilitation for different  user’s groups for co-operative and income generation and planning.
  • Social  Audit.
The tasks to be accomplished
  • Handle litigation of public cases in Pyutahn  district court and Appeal Court
  • Prepared .and formulation of various financial and Banking policies during the Bank registration process .
  • Liaise with different private firm for contracts, memorandum and tax counseling .
  • Review and prepare contract letters,  TOR and personnel recruitment polices,
  • Maintain statutory books, minutes as per needed.
  • Ensure implementation polices and procedure of School’s management and private firms.
  • Advisor of different firms and institutions.
  • Report writing, submission and endorsement of the different firms and government agencies.
               Medal and   Letter of Appreciation
  • Nepal Vidhya Bhusan ´K´ awarded by President of Nepal, on the occasion of Education Day 2017 Sital Niwas Kathmandu.
  • Appreciation for recent and current issues of district and National issues writing National Weekly News paper, Awarded by  Nepal Journalist Association, District Branch  Office Pyuthan ,
  • Appreciation for good facilitation  , awarded by district hospital, Pyuthan
  • Appreciation letter for good management  and handling of formulation of school management policies.
  • Appreciation for support of  management and financial support for the school management committee.

Language Proficiency


Speaking                     Reading                         Writing

English                  Good                            Excellent                        Good

Nepali                   Excellent                     Excellent                        Excellent

Hindi                      Excellent                     Excellent                        Excellent


Article/ Publications

  • Book Smaya ra Sandarv  Published and edit by oneself .
  • 5  Research Articles published on National level Research Journal, published from Kathmandu
  • More than 200  general articles were published  in National and weekly, monthly and annual journals and news papers.


  1. Executive member of Nepal Bar Association Central Office Kathmandu .
  2. Expert and subject member of  Education, Planning and Informal Education, Tribhuwan University, Dean Office, Kirtipur, Kathmandu 2018 May to till date .
  3. Legal Advisor of Hamro Ekta Weekly National News Paper,Pyuthan vision monthly and Radio Lisne 103.6 MH Pyuthan.
  4. Chairman  and board member of Private and Community Schools  Management Committee of   Pyuthan district  ( two schools)  


Azerbaijan – 2018
Vietnam –     2018
Malaysia – 2018
South Korea – 2008
Hong Kong –   1996