Mohan Sashankar



Father’s Name   :       Rahal Man Sashankar

Mother’s Name :       Santa Maya Sashankar

Date of Birth     :       2026/04/04 (B.S.): july-19, 1969(A.D.)

Nationality        :       Nepali

Marital Status    :      Married

Community        :      Dalit

Address             :

                                 Gaushala Municipality-1, Mahottari.

                                 Kathmandu-32, Ghatte kulo, Chandan Marg, House    No.22

License No.

Advocate      :  9207 (2060 B.S.)

Pleader         :  9716 (2054 B.S.)


  •  Mobile No. 9851093207
  •  Email:
  •  Sarbhut Kanuni Sewa, Anamnagar, KTM. (In front of east gate of Singh Durbar)

Office Phone No. 015705441

Academic Qualification

1.  B. A. T.U.
2.  B. L.   T.U.
3.  LL.M. T.U. ( Not Completed)

Working Experience:

  1. Continuing court practice since 19 years as a Human right, Criminal Defense, Civil (family) and PIL lawyer.
  2. Worked as a Legal Adviser in ICJ (International Commission of Jurists) about a year.
  3. Worked as a Criminal Defense lawyer in ILF-Nepal (The International Legal Foundation, which is New York, America based INGO) for about 4 years.
  4. Lead Researcher of ‘effectiveness of Baitanik Wakil’ (Paid Lawyer of Court) Program supported by ILF.
  5. Lead Researcher of ‘Barriers of Criminal Justice System in Nepal’ Program supported by ICJ.
  6. Paper Presenter on the issues of Dalit related Constitutional and Legal Provision and its implementation status at National Discourse Program held by JUP-Nepal on Sept 2014.
  7. collaborative Reseacher, along with Dr.Yam Kisan, of  ‘Study on Implementation Status of Caste-based Discrimination and Untouchability (Offence and Punishment) Act, 2011’ submitted to National Dalit Commission on Dec 2014.
  8. have done many PIL cases such as against Bed Vidhyashram, Bankali which has barred to admit any caste excluding Upadhyaya Bahraman.

Training, Workshop and seminars

1. Training on Conflict management, mediation and counseling for 5 days organized by Dalit NGO Federating (DNF) in 2005.

2. Training on Legal provision, procedure and challenges concerning company, bank and taxation laws for 10 days organized by New Lawyers Group Nepal in 2005.

3.  Training on DNA profiling, finger print, autopsy for 7 days organized by New Lawyers Group Nepal in 2007.

4. The weeklong Orientation Program for Advocates made by National Judicial Academy on April 24- 30, 2008.

5. One day seminar for private attorneys on art of drafting, art of pleading and trauma counseling made by Judicial Academy on Feb 7, 2008.

6. Attained in various right based program (seminars, workshop) about Dalit related in difference time.


  1. Public Concern Program for model constituent assembly organized by NCARD in April, 2008.
  2. RBA and Advocacy Training in Butwal for activist member of local organization of Stromme Foundation, program organized by JUP-Nepal, in Dec 2014.

Position Held in NGO

1.  Executive Member of Central committee of Nepal Bar Association.

2. President of Jana Utthan Pratisthan, (JUP-Nepal). (UN, ECOSOC Status   Organization)

 3.  Acting and Founder Vice President of Public Defenders’ Society of Nepal (PDS-Nepal), as a Nepal chapter of International Legal Foundation (ILF)

 4.  Acting Secretary of Maina Bal Bikash Samiti, Kavre (MBBS),

(Established in memory of Late Maina Sunuwar, Famous case of     Conflict era)

 5. Acting and Founder Secretary of Rup Lal Bishwakarma Pratisthan, (Established in memory of  late Rup Lal Bishwakarma, Ex Marxist Leader)

 6. Executive, Founder and Life time Member of Gore Bahadur Khapangi Foundation (Established in memory of late Gore Bahadur Khapangi, Ex Marxist and Indigenous Leader and Ex Minister)

7. General Member of Justice and Right Institution (JURI-Nepal).


Nepali                               Good  (Spoken and written).

Maithili                             Good  (Spoken and written).

English                              Good  (Spoken and written).

Hindi                                 Good  (Spoken and written).